The Johns - California Claro Walnut + Copper Epoxy Table - 6.5' x 4.5'



This table was made for one of our fantastic clients. It is to be used as an example, and if you would like us to design something like this for yourself or your business, please reach out to us 

The Johns

Size: 78" x 50"

Wood: Old Growth California Claro Walnut (Exotic/Import)Table

Steel Base: "The Vicki" custom made in house.

Epoxy: Custom Copper


- Hardwax Satin Finish

- Ultra rare Old Growth California Claro Walnut from a private reserve collection of Hunski Hardwoods in Sacramento, CA.

- Two Stage resin pour: Marbled pattern on base layer, and clear upper layer allows you to see depth into the live edge.

- There was a bullet in the slab, and our customer asked us to preserve the bullet. This was removed during processing, and carefully placed back in the slab before finishing. The bullet trail was preserved as well.

- 15 Degree bevels on the ends of the table.




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