The Griffin

Size: 24" x 80" x 28"
Finish: Raw


The Griffin


Please allow 14-21 days for completion.


We were really tired of seeing makers, DIYers, and furniture buyers lean to basic designs 100% of the time. Although they have a time and place, it's about time you set yourself apart and be UNIQUE.

The Boldly Crafted Collection of bases is designed to take everything you think you know about table bases, and turn it upside down. These bases are bold and are expertly hand crafted.


The Griffin features: Extremely complex design. Bold. Symmetrical.

This base is made out of premium quality hot rolled Canadian Steel. These are no joke. When you lift these, you'll understand what real furniture feels like.


Steel Specs:

Tube Size: 3" x 3" + 1" x 3"


Custom Sizing Specs may require additional $ post sale. If ordered, and you are unsatisfied if there are changes to the price, we will refund them immediately.


POWDER COAT* colour can be chosen post sale. Default if we do not hear from you will be matte black.

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